Nothing makes me happier than to see my clients achieve success!

Irene brought positive energy every time we had our session and really motivated me to adapting a healthier lifestyle. She helped me set attainable goals to work on during the week and checked back with me often to see how I was progressing. She was available to me whenever I had any questions and covered a gamut of areas from nutrition and exercise to better sleep and managing stress. I especially struggled with reducing my caffeine and sugar intake and we worked together to help me gradually not depend on them and in fact substitute with other nutritious food in its place. One of the best things about Health Coaching with Irene was that she checked in with me and made sure I was on track and genuinely cared about my progress. I can’t stress enough how important that is when you are going through a hard day at work or making bad food choices. I’m definitely grateful to her for instilling positive attitude, new habits on how I approach food and the tools to help me be in charge of my health. I had a truly wonderful experience working with her and I would recommend everyone to try health coaching with her!
— Anjana D., NJ
I never thought I “needed” a health coach. I knew what foods were healthy, what foods were “bad,” and that I could try and do more exercise.

Then I met with Irene. Her astute comments and simple suggestions made me realize that having someone like her to keep me accountable to my goals would be beneficial. We worked together for more than 6 months in which I reached my goal weight and gained energy.

Her easy-going nature, coupled with her goal oriented philosophy, positive attitude and customized suggestions kept me on track, without feeling guilty about minor “lapses.” Her bi weekly check ins and clear summaries of our sessions were easy to refer to throughout the past 6 months.

I highly recommend Irene as a health coach.
— Denielle W., NJ

I was worried about working with a health coach because I had so many bad habits, but Irene never once made me feel judged or that I was a lost cause – she truly met me where I was on the road to good health, and she accompanied me on the journey.

Irene is very positive and motivating. She took the time to get to know me and my own personal attitudes about food and exercise, and she helped me face my challenges in a way that made sense for my situation. We started small and then as I built confidence and momentum, we attacked the larger challenges. She was very encouraging and helped me to see progress even when things felt bleak. I started cooking meals for my family, and we focused on exercise that I could stand (trust me – that was a lot of work! I hate exercise of any form).

She is excited to be part of your process, and she is very invested in your progress. The best thing for me is the skills that I developed. I know what I have to do, and I feel in control of my own health future. I credit her with this new motivation and positive attitude that I have.
— Stephanie H., Windham, ME

I’m a busy mother of two, business owner who is married to a business owner. Needless to say my life is nothing short of complicated.

Ever since working with Irene I have learned to simplify my life and set attainable goals that I’ve always wanted to achieve personally. She has given me the tools and support I needed to create a healthier lifestyle.

One of the hardest things for me is finding the time to pick the right foods to eat. Being so busy the easiest thing for me was always to grab anything along the way. With Irene’s coaching I have learned to meal prep and enjoy the benefits of it. I have eliminated the stress of figuring out what to eat and I also have eliminated the guilt of eating something bad.

I have been a victim of “fad” diets all my life and this program is different. After six months of working with Irene I’m confident enough to say that she has changed my life to a healthier one.
— Rukmini D., Bayonne NJ

“I’ve been smoking since I was 16 years old and even when I quit from time to time, I relapsed more times than I’d like to admit. Since I started working with Irene, I’ve been smoke free for now for over 5 months and am not experiencing any cravings! Irene helped me understand the root cause of my cravings and introduced me to small changes so that it was manageable for me to make changes. She really listened to me when I spoke, devised a plan for my situation, and checked in on me so that I wouldn’t feel alone on my journey. Due to Irene’s gentle approach and her genuine interest to help, I no longer have cravings for cigarettes. Additionally, I’ve started eating healthier and exercising – not because I ‘need’ to, but because I genuinely want to. Irene has helped me break down my unhealthy habits and now I crave healthy living!”
— Halim J., New York, NY