Control Those Cravings!

Let's talk about cravings and how they are so annoying, controlling and misunderstood. This summer, I craved ice cream practically everyday. The wild and rebellious side of me says "Go ahead, summer is short, enjoy yourself". But if I gave in to that rebellious side each and every time a craving would come up, I probably shouldn't be a health coach.

Often times, cravings happen when there is something else going on with our bodies. The two biggest reasons are thirst and habit. When we are dehydrated, the body doesn't just tell us via dry mouth, but also through cravings- especially for sweets. Why?

One of the essential jobs of the liver is the storage of glycogen (glucose molecules), which is a type of sugar from carbs that we consume. Glucose is a source of fuel for our bodies and water is a key component to facilitate this process. When there is a lack of hydration, it prohibits energy production and therefore triggers sweet cravings. 

Another reason we give into cravings is because of bad habits. When we constantly give into cravings over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to break that habit.

Just because we get cravings doesn't mean we are always on the losing side of the game. I have two simple tips to help you control these cravings once and for all.

When you feel a craving come on:

Drink a full glass of water. Chances are that you are dehydrated. Drinking a full glass of water will help you figure out if you just need a bit of hydration. It also helps to break your concentration on that particular craving by cleansing your palette. 

Ask yourself "Do I still want this?" After drinking the full glass of water, take a time out and check in with yourself. Do you still want what you crave?  Chances are, you probably won't. 

These two simple steps can help you regain control over your cravings. It really works, give it a try!