Be Merry

2015 was an amazing year filled with a lot change and personal growth. I permanently closed the door on a long and unfulfilling career, started co-habitating with the love of my life and started my own business to be my own boss (yikes!). With major life changes, come many ups and downs. I've had my fair share of second guessing my decisions, had my patience worn thin and had (more than I'd like to admit) a number of freak out sessions. At the same time however, I felt a kind of peace throughout this entire process because these big decisions were purposefully done so I can create the life that I want: a life of happiness.

I've also had a few personal breakthroughs during this process, things that have become so crystal clear for me to be happy.

  • Live a simple life. Just distinguishing what I need versus what I want has been life changing. Over the past year, I've cleared out things that I do not need in order to de-clutter my life. Goodbye to designer clothes and toxic friendships. Hello to more and space and peace.
  • Honor myself. When I honor myself, I make good decisions. I create space for the things that I enjoy and make me happy. I take care of my mind and my body.
  • Be a positive influence. Starting my own business helping others live a healthful life has been the most rewarding experience. Nothing feels better than to know that I am helping people make positive changes in their lives. 

So as we come to the end of 2015, I'd like for you to ask yourself:

What makes me most happy in life?

What do I want to accomplish this coming year?

What support do I need in order to accomplish these things?

Wishing everyone a beautiful and happy holiday!

As I get, I give. Giving as you get is critical. It has everything to do with being happy for yourself, and making others happy is the cause of making yourself happy, and it’s the cycle of giving and getting.
— Russell Simmons